Family Birthday Extravaganza

I’m heading to Asheboro tomorrow to celebrate birthdays for Matt (my one and only brother), Emily (fabulous new sister-in-law) and DAD (most dependable guy I know).

Here they all are (plus me and mom) a little less than a year ago in Atlanta, celebrating the retirement of Bobby Cox. Of course, my brother is looking off into the distance, on purpose, to avoid the intensity of picture taking. And dad…no idea what he’s doing. Regardless of the picture ruination, this is us. My beautiful, supportive family (minus the crazy dog).

Moving on. Three or four years ago, I made an Oreo cake, 2 layers, nothing special. I forget the occasion, but that’s irrelevant. Ever since that cake, my dad has been bugging me multiple times per year to make this cake for him again. So in honor of his birthday…

Giant Oreo Cupcake. Whew. I’ve been working on this thing for the past 4 hours. Although I do frequently bake, I never EVER take time to decorate. Even so, I had a ton of fun with this. Although I’ve disguised its flaws, I won’t be surprised if the top has completely fallen over by morning, which would probably make me shed a tear or two.



Working in animal science, I visit animal facilities regularly. About a month ago, this little guy set up camp outside of the entrance to our pig research barn.

How cute and not at all threatening, right?!

Spidey is a non-poisonous writer spider (aka Orb Weaver). It’s difficult to see, because of my lacking photography skills, but running vertically from top to bottom of the photo is Spidey’s “signature.” Evidently, this handwriting is a form of camouflage. Spidey, in particular, is the biggest spider I’ve ever seen. Her diameter, including legs, is probably 5 or 6 inches and her web is easily 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall. These beautiful artists are completely harmless and live to rid the world of annoying insects. Our animal care guy, Ryan, feeds her snacks of live flies (no idea how he catches them). My boss and I were out there yesterday, and he was able to catch a cricket. The speed with which Spidey ran to the cricket and wrapped him up was impressive. Ok, I actually felt itchy for the rest of the day wondering if she was on me.

Newest Family Members

I’m a notorious plant torturer. The last time I tried my hand at green-thumbedness, my tomato vine shriveled without producing a single piece of fruit (or is it a vegetable?). It’s partner, the banana pepper plant, managed to rock out a single, beautiful pepper before I choked the life out of it. Even my indoor cactus plant that could thrive in the Sahara is currently brown and lifeless.  So why do I insist upon forcing more innocent plants into lives of probable martyrdom? Because I HATE FAILING.

Lacking a green thumb = being too lazy to water your plants. At least that’s been my experience. So the purpose of this plant project is 2-fold.

  1. To be able to enjoy the beauties of nature outside of my own home.
  2. To put something’s life ahead of my “busy” schedule and keep it alive (I’m really not as much of a hippie as this makes me seem)

SO! Here they are!

I can’t remember the name of this one. So if you plant lovers out there are familiar, please share! I love it’s dark green leaves and it’s structured upward growth.

Ok so I actually only remember the name of the all green potato vine (which is my most favorite). I put that vine and the tall purple plant in that pot all on my own, and it is definitely my pride and joy. I love the shade of green in the vine contrasted with the purple in the plant.

Fingers crossed that these beauties won’t suffer the same fate as their predecessors.

Without Further Adieu

I finally made time to jump start this little project. For months I’ve wanted to start my blog, but a full-time job, volleyball addiction and unfathomable laziness have all taken precedence over what is sure to be the perfect outlet for my fantastic, albeit common, life. For now, I see this as an opportunity to:

  1. Share my experiences in the kitchen (LOVE to cook)
  2. Showcase new endeavors (gardening? decorating? pretending to love running?)
  3. Force myself to capture fun stuff in my everyday life via photos, to better entertain the masses I’m sure will stumble upon and glorify these entries.

Let’s see how it goes!

Sidenote: I have a fruit addiction. Hence, the bananas.